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Plain Finish Roll Wrapped Carbon Fibre Tubes In Metric Sizing

At Easy Composites we pride ourselves on our huge range of engineering-grade carbon fibre tubes which includes these high quality plain finish roll wrapped carbon fibre tubes. Tubes in this range are manufactured using the roll-wrapping process using high strength carbon fibre reinforcement for excellent 'real-world' multi-axis strength and are ideal for a wide range of applications including UAVs, quad-copters, aero-modelling, camera-rigs, tripods, automation, leisure equipment, motor-sport and much more.

Roll-wrapped carbon fibre tubes are manufactured by wrapping multiple layers of prepreg carbon fibre reinforcement around a metal mandrel which is wrapped with shrink tape and cured at high temperature. Because the reinforcement is wrapped in layers around the mandrel, it is possible to alternate the alignment of the carbon fibre between layers, enabling roll wrapped tubes to have longitudinal stiffness down their length, as well as strength in the 'hoop' direction, making them more resilient to crush, burst and torsional fracture. We have a video tutorial demonstrating the roll wrapping process here.

The roll wrapping process is better suited to the production of medium and large diameter tubes and our range of roll wrapped tubes extends from 5mm (OD) up to 60mm (OD). For tube diameters where you have a choice of a roll wrapped or pultruded carbon fibre tube, roll wrapped tubes are better for applications where the tube may be subject to a variety of forces including bend, twist and crush whereas a pultruded tube will provide the maximum possible longitudinal stiffness at the expense of being more vulnerable to crush or twist.

Roll wrapped tubes in this sub-category have their natural production finish which means they show unidirectional carbon fibre (not woven carbon fibre) on their outer layer and have a slight ribbed texture from the manufacturing process. We do also stock a range of woven finish roll wrapped carbon fibre tubes which may be preferable for applications requiring a cosmetic woven carbon finish.

At Easy Composites we pride ourselves on our huge range of engineering-grade carbon fibre tubes


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