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Vacuum Pumps & Add-Ons

At Easy Composites we are experts in vacuum processes for advanced composites including resin infusion, vacuum bagging and degassing.

We understand the importance of having a reliable, high performance vacuum pump at the heart of any composites vacuum process which is why all the vacuum pumps and systems we sell are built around high-quality, industrial grade vacuum pumps from renowned Italian pump manufacturer DVP.

Having carefuly selected the most suitable core vacuum pumps from the DVP range, Easy Composites' own UK-based product engineering division, ECP, is then responsible for incorporating the pumps up into our own range of perfectly fitted-out vacuum pump products designed for the rigors of daily use in a busy composites environment.

When choosing which vacuum pump is right for you, we would suggest the smaller EC4 for almost all individual vacuum bagging, resin infusion and prepreg work, right up to projects the size of a small boat hull. The EC20 is recommended for much larger projects, such as larger boat hulls, centralised vacuum systems or rapid degassing operations. The VACBASE 20 is built as a robust mobile vacuum source for larger infusions and vacuum bagging.

All our vacuum pumps are intended for composites use and offer incredible performance and reliability. Full spares are available and all pumps are backed by extended 2 year warranty.

In any doubt? - We would love you to see the quality of our engineering first-hand. Please contact us to make an appointment to see and run these systems for yourself in our on-site demo room.

At Easy Composites we are experts in vacuum processes for advanced composites including resin



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