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'Brexit' Information for All EU Customers

The UK left the EU 'customs union' on the 01/01/2021. Although a 'free trade agreement' was made at the last minute, leaving the customs union creates a customs border between the UK and the EU.

At Easy Composites we love the EU and our European customers are hugely important to us!

Although we planned for Brexit, the details of the last minute deal mean we still have some work to do in order to offer a zero 'friction' and zero cost solution to supply our EU business and individual customers (see details below). This means that from the 1st January 2021, until our new 'frictionless' trade system goes live (expected by the end of February), some changes will affect all EU customers when purchasing from Easy Composites.

EU Customers Ordering from 1st January 2021

Due to the EU/UK trade deal, import duty will be zero on most products. However, customers will face some additional handling costs for the collection of import VAT on most orders. Please read below to make sure you full understand these new costs.

EU VAT Registered Businesses

  • You will be charged NO VAT when placing an order with Easy Composites.
  • Due to the EU/UK FTA (free trade agreement) zero duty will apply to most products. In the cases where duty does apply it will be between 3-10%.
  • No import duty will be charged on orders under €150/£135.
  • The courier service or freight company will contact you, using the email/telephone number you provided on your order, to arrange for customs clearance. As the importer you will need to provide your EORI number and complete the customs entry.
  • For customs clearance, the courier company will charge a 'brokerage' fee of between 2.5 - 5.0% of the value of the goods (€12 - €22 minimum) depending on the courier.
  • As a VAT registered business, depending on your VAT regime, import VAT may be payable at the time, or deferred. Either way, import VAT is fully reclaimable.

EU Individuals and Non-VAT Registered Businesses

Because of extra customs charges, we recommend that EU individuals do not order from us until our 'frictionless' system is in place (see below). If you do want to order some small extra costs will apply.

Whilst we are still very happy to supply individuals and non-VAT registered businesses in the EU, extra charges for customs clearance will apply. Instead of paying UK VAT on the Easy Composites website (as before Brexit), customers will now pay import VAT when goods arrive in their country, plus a brokerage cost (€12.77 or 2.5% of the value of the goods for UPS deliveries).

Before ordering, please make sure you read and understand the steps and costs below:

  • From the 01/01/2021 you will automatically be charged NO VAT when placing an ordering from Easy Composites. However, your own country will now charge import VAT when the goods arrive.
  • No import duty will be charged on orders under €150/£135. Import VAT still applies.
  • Due to the EU/UK FTA (free trade agreement) zero duty will apply to most products for orders over €150/£135. In the cases where duty does apply it will be between 3-10% and only apply to a limited number of non-EU/UK products.
  • When the goods arrive in your country, the courier company (UPS or TNT) will contact you, using the email/telephone number you provided on your order, to take the VAT payment (and duty, if applicable).
  • You will be charged the standard VAT rate for your country, usually between 19-21%, plus a 'brokerage' charge (€12.77 or 2.5% for UPS, €22 or 5% for TNT).
  • Payment can be made by card using a link emailed by the courier (UPS, TNT, FedEx).

Comparing total costs before and after Brexit

10m of 'Black Stuff' Carbon Fibre, delivered to an individual in France:

Before Brexit

After Brexit

Goods (inc VAT)€131.21Goods (ex VAT)€111.01
Shipping (inc VAT)€22.00 (inc VAT)Shipping (ex VAT)€20.00
GRAND TOTAL€153.21Import VAT€22.20
Import Duty€0.00
Brokerage Fee€12.77

New 'Frictionless' Trade Service Coming Soon

Now that the trading relationship between the UK and EU is known, Easy Composites will be putting in place measures to ensure that we can once again supply our valued customers across the whole of the EU in the most cost effective and frictionless way possible.

We are working hard on these measures right now and hope to have them fully operational by February 2021. Once in place, these measures should allow EU businesses and individuals to continue to purchase from Easy Composites on much the same terms that they always have, including facing no added import costs or delays whatsoever.

This page will be updated as soon as this system is in place.


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