Woven Glass 2/2 Twill 160g 1m Wide

Woven Glass 2/2 Twill 160g 1m Wide
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Units of Sale

This roll is 1m (39") wide and the fabric is sold by the linear metre. The unit price shown is for 1 linear metre, volume discounts automatically apply for larger quantities of fabric.

Please purchase the number of linear metres you require. When purchasing multiple metres, for shorter lengths, the fabric will be supplied folded to keep package size and hence shipping costs down. If you need your fabric on a roll for a specific application then please contact us and we will be more than happy to supply it that way.

Product Description

This light weight 160gsm woven glass fabric is a very high performance E glass perfect for more advanced composites use. At 160gsm the fabric is the weight of choice for projects such as radio controlled planes, UAVs, robotics and other precision applications.

Uses and Suitability

Woven glass at this weight can be used to laminate a GRP skin onto larger model aircraft wings and fuselages, RC boat hulls or professional scale models or precision engineering or modelling applications.

This woven 'E' glass does not include any chemical binders and therefore is suitable for use with any resin system including epoxy, polyester and vinylester.

Fabric Specification

Width (mm) Weight (g/m²) Thickness (mm) Ends/cm Picks/cm Warp Fibre Weft Fibre Weave
1000 163 0.15 12 12 E-Glass E-Glass 2/2 Twill

Transport and Delivery Information

This product is classified as safe for carriage to all destinations. No restrictions apply.

IMPORTANT - International Shipping

When purchasing multiple metres the fabric will be supplied in one continuous length however woven glass is not considered a decorative fabric and as such small quantities (such as 1 to 5 metres) may be folded for international shipping.

Technical Questions

What is the recommended quantity of laminating resin for a single 1m2 coverage (single layer)?

A really simple way of working this out is that you'll use about the same weight of resin as you use in glass so for a 160g glass like this, which of course weighs 160 per square meter, you'll use 160g of resin. You need to allow a little extra for the brush and the pot etc. but reckoning on 50/50 resin ratio with the reinforcement will get you pretty close.

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Woven Glass 2/2 Twill 160g 1m Wide Woven Glass 2/2 Twill 160g 1m Wide