Static Mixer Nozzles for 50ml Twin Tube

Static Mixer Nozzles for 50ml Twin Tube SMN-50ML
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Product Description

Static mixer nozzles, suitable for use with our structural adhesives in 50ml Twin Tube packs. These handy self-mixing nozzles ensure thorough mixing of the adhesive and hardener without the need for any separate mixing. The adhesive and hardener are processed through an effective series of box-shaped inter-mixers as they make their way down the nozzle. By the time the adhesive reaches the end of the nozzle it is ready for application directly to the bonding surface.

These box-section mixers provide much more effective mixing than the standard spiral-type nozzles which means they can be shorter for the same mixing capability, resulting in less wasted adhesive.

Suitable for use with epoxy, polyurethane and acrylic adhesives.

The mixer nozzle is designed to connect securely to the nozzle socket on the 50ml Twin Tube packs.

Minimum order quantity 5. Static mixer nozzles cannot be re-used.

Dimensions & Compatibility

This static mixer nozzle is compatible with the majority of 50ml twin tube adhesive packs (including all Easy Composites 50ml and 25ml twin-tube adhesives, unless specified otherwise). The nozzle is designed for packs which have two small ovals and no locking ring or other locking mechanism other than twisting the nozzle to lock it into place.

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