Epoxy Mould Making Kit Large

Epoxy Mould Making Kit Large
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Product Description

New 'Large' version of our popular carbon fibre mould making kit. This large kit includes almost 6 times as much mould making putty, gel coat and mould release agents as our standard sized starter kit, perfect for creating larger moulds ready to make your carbon fibre parts.

If you want to start making your own carbon fibre parts the first thing you'll need to do is make moulds for the parts you want to make. If you're new to composites this can be a daunting task and for this reason we have put together a comprehensive mould making kit which makes use of brand new materials and techniques to make the process of making high quality moulds as quick, easy and clean as possible.

Included in the kit is 5kg of special epoxy mould making 'putty', 1kg of epoxy tooling gel coat, a 100g tin of wax, 250ml of PVA and some Nitrile gloves.

Video Guide

The kit was original sold through our Carbon Mods brand and so the following video is presented as Carbon Mods but we are of course the very same people. Video relates to the smaller sized kit.

What is mould making putty?

The mould making putty in the kit replaces the need for chopped strand mat (unwoven fibre glass mat), polyester resin and catalyst normally used in fibreglass mould manufacture.

The reason for doing this is that polyester resin and its catalyst are both rather nasty to work with, difficult to ship and incompatible with the epoxy resin that will be used to create advanced composites parts themselves. For making smaller parts especially this new putty material is a fast, clean and highly effective way of making moulds requiring no prior fibreglass experience. Because of the way the putty is 'formed' into shape, it avoids the pitfalls of air-voids and blisters that can blight early mould making attempts with traditional fibreglass.

In the kit is a large 5kg tub of slightly fibrous putty. With gloves on the putty can be handled, pulled apart and pushed back together with ease. Also in the kit is the hardener for the putty which is darkly coloured. With the right amount of putty in your hand for the job you add the appropriate amount of hardener and mix the two materials together thoroughly. The putty is then shaped over and around the gel-coated pattern/part to form the body of the mould. A thickness of 1cm of putty for a small part or 2cm for a larger part would make for a strong durable mould. The process is clean and almost odourless.

Kit Contents

Everything you need to make your own composite mould:

  • 5kg Epoxy Mould Making Putty (including hardener)
  • 1kg Epoxy Tooling Gel Coat (including hardener)
  • 100g Mould Release Wax
  • 200ml PVA Mould Release Agent
  • 4 Pairs Latex Gloves

Transport and Delivery Information

This product is classified as 'dangerous' for carriage and so delivery restrictions apply to certain countries and regions.

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Technical Questions

Can I use a chemical release agent to release parts from moulds created with this kit?

Yes, certainly chemical release agents such as our Easy-Lease Chemical Release Agent are ideal for use with Epoxy based moulds and will give a very good, reliable release.

What size mold will this make and could it be used to make multiple molds?

The kit is suitable for making a single mould up to about 0.7sqm in area. Alternatively, you could use the kit to make multiple smaller moulds. There is not restriction on how many smaller moulds you could make; the containers are all resealable providing you have enough material in the kit.

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