Carbon Fibre Skinning Starter Kit - 2/2 Twill Carbon

Carbon Fibre Skinning Starter Kit
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Product Description

Developed by our sister company Carbon Mods this Carbon Fibre Skinning Starter Kit™ contains everything you need to take an original part (made from plastic, metal or any other material), cover it with genuine 2/2 twill carbon fibre and finish it to a high gloss.

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Skinning a part with carbon fibre will enhance its appearance and increase its strength and is a viable alternative to the more complicated approach of making an all-carbon fibre replacement part where volumes are small (such as one-offs) and cosmetic appearance, rather than weight saving, is the primary objective.


When unrolled the carbon fibre fabric is 300mm(11.8") wide and 1000mm(39.4") long.

Uses for This Kit

Use this kit to cover a wide range of parts in and around your vehicle, or just about any other item that would look stunning with a genuine carbon fibre finish.

Use this kit to:

  • Cover plastic interior mouldings and trim such as centre consoles and door handle mouldings
  • Cover plastic exterior mouldings such as wing mirrors, rub strips and bumper inserts
  • Cover metal parts such as slam panels

What results can I expect?

All the materials, supplies and techniques supplied as part of the skinning kit are completely capable of producing professional quality, saleable parts. However, like any practical task (such as repairing a scratch or dent on your car or fitting a stereo) perseverance will be required to produce parts of the highest quality. As you gain skill and experience the quality of the parts will increase and the time taken to make them will decrease.

Comprehensive Instructions

As with all Carbon Mods starter kits, the skinning kit is accompanied by comprehensive instructions that take you through the process of skinning your parts from prep all the way to polish.

Click here to download full instructions in PDF format

Different Fabric Types

This skinning kit is now available in a choice of different fabric types. The standard skinning kit includes 2/2 twill carbon fibre fabric and black basecoat but is now joined by a PLAIN WEAVE option (where a one-over-one-under weave pattern is desired) and also an Alufibre version which replaces the black carbon fabric with silver Alufibre. The Alufibre version of the kit also includes a special white basecoat instead of the usual black basecoat.

Choose the fabric type you would like from the drop-down list (above) when ordering.

Carbon Fire Skinning Starter Kit™ is a trademark of Carbon Mods.

Kit Contents

This comprehensive starter kit includes:

  • 0.3sqm 2/2 Twill 3k Carbon Fibre Cloth (1000mm x 300mm)
  • 130g Black Epoxy Basecoat
  • 170g Clear Epoxy Coating Resin
  • 150g Epoxy Hardener
  • 25ml Polishing Compound
  • 2 Pairs Nitrile gloves, 2 Mixing Cups, 2 Mixing Sticks
  • 2 x 1" Laminating Brushes
  • 120, 240, 400, 800 & 1200 Grit Mirka Wet and Dry Abrasive Paper
  • Full Instructions (download link)

Transport and Delivery Information

This product is classified as 'dangerous' for carriage and so delivery restrictions apply to certain countries and regions.

Click here for more information.

Technical Questions

Can I use the Skinning starter kit on wooden mould to make a cover for an rc model?

Although our Carbon Fibre Skinning Starter Kit includes some of the same materials used for laminating a part in a mould, you would be better off using our Carbon Fibre Laminating Starter Kit because this includes a better selection of materials for making a carbon fibre part (such as your RC model cover) when you have a mould to lay-up into. Carbon Fibre Skinning, which this kit is designed for, is where you lay carbon fibre permanently onto an existing part.

I am making an engine cover, do I need the high temperature version of this kit?

The standard resin is fine up to 80°C. However, many areas of the engine bay can, at times, get hotter than this. Without any accurate temperature data for your engine bay, we would always air on the side of caution and recommend going for the high temperature kit.

What is the difference between standard 2/2 twill fabric and the Pro Finish fabric?

ProFinish is identical to 2/2 twill carbon fabric however it has a special very faint coating on the back of the fabric which holds it together and stops it from fraying when cut or distorting when laid into a part. If you need to ‘relax’ the fibre (to get around more compound surfaces) it can be softened with the use of a hair dryer or heat gun.

If you know that you will need to make cut lines (joins) in the carbon then ProFinish is an excellent choice, if you’re unsure or know that you don’t need/want this stiff backing then just go with the normal 2/2 twill. For more curved shapes I would definitely go with 2/2 twill, for flatter parts or very complicated shapes (where you will make up the surface using multiple pieces of fabric) then go for the ProFinish.

RE High Temp Version: The parts are being fitted to a motorbike. Should I clearcoat or polish the finished part? Advantages/disadvantages?

The advantage to clear-coating (lacquering) is that you don't need to spend as long flatting and polishing the very hard epoxy. Instead, you take it to a reasonable finish quite quickly and then clearcoat it - you'll get an excellent gloss from the clear coat, along with UV stability and if you do want to flat and polish the clear coat it's easier to polish than epoxy. The dissadvantage, if you're using the High Tempertaure version of the kit is that you're unlikely to find a high temperature clear coat and so although the part might be able to take high temepratures (up to 180°C) the clear coat won't and may discolour or deteriorate.

Excellent product and with great instructions I made an awesome job in my bike. My bike looks great now and repaired...Thank you very much and I'm going to buy more stuff that's for sure.

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