Black Epoxy Repair Filler 100g Pack

Black Epoxy Repair Filler 100g
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Product Description

Fast curing, black*, two-part filled epoxy repair filler with excellent flexural strength and excellent bond strength.

Much less thick than a conventional filler (like body filler) this epoxy filler is more of a very thixotropic resin allowing it to easily be teased into cracks on a repair where its excellent bond strength and black pigmentation make it the perfect choice for repairs to light damage on carbon fibre parts. With the repair filler applied, some strength will be restored to damaged parts and worsening of the damage is much less likely to occur. Repaired areas can be sanded smooth and polished or lacquered over the top meaning the parts can be visually restored amazingly well.

The filler is supplied complete with the necessary fast epoxy hardener which will cure the filler in around 2hrs.

* Colour Matching

Please note that although we describe the filler as 'black' there are, of course, a range of blacks. To be more accurate the filler is a very dark grey, designed to be a match for the colour of carbon fibre which although also described as 'black' is also a very dark grey. If you need an exact match for a specific true black we would suggest a clear resin and black pigment.

Suggested Uses

Our Black Epoxy Repair Filler is suitable for repairing cracks or gaps in carbon fibre parts to improve the appearance of a damaged area, add strength and discourage deterioration of the damaged area. Once cured the filler can be polished to a gloss.

Our Black Epoxy Repair Filler can also be used to seal the edges on sandwich core panels (route a few mm of the core material away and then smooth filler into the cavity). Edges filled in this way not only perfectly seal the panel from water ingress they also provide an attractive edge which can be polished up to a gloss black* finish.

* See notes on Colour Matching

Transport and Delivery Information

This product is classified as 'dangerous' for carriage and so delivery restrictions apply to certain countries and regions.

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Technical Questions

What is the Heat Distortion Temperature (HDT) of Black Epoxy Repair Filler?

The HDT is 80 – 85°C

Does this polish up to a black gloss finish?

Yes, sort of. You should take a look at the notes ont he colour of the filler. It is black but black but there are different types of black. We intend the filler to match the colour of carbon fibre which is, to be precise, very dark grey, rather than true black. The filler will polish up nicely and when polished can be glossy and very dark grey/black.

Would it be possible to use this product to fill a small (half little fingernail size) chip out of black wood veneer, or could it damage the rest of the veneer?

Yes, certainly. Epoxy works very well with wood; it bonds well and would not cause any contamination issues with the surrounding area, providing that it was mixed thoroughly at the correct ratio. I think this would be an ideal product for this type of repair.

Great product, but difficult to measure out from the supplied containers. A syringe/tube dispenser would be better.

How can the filler be applied?
# Reply: This filler can be applied in much the same way as any other filler. A plastic or wooden spreader is perfectly suitable. Once it's cured (which is quite quick) it can be easilly sanded and polished to get a good finish.

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