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Materials, Equipment and Supplies for Advanced Composites »

Easy Composites Ltd supply a huge range of advanced composite materials for businesses, individuals, schools and universities around the world. We offer next day shipping, thousands of products and expert technical advice to help you realise your goals, small or large.

Carbon Fibre Products

Carbon Fibre Products »

Through our connection to Carbon Mods (our sister company) and other leading carbon fibre manufacturers, Easy Composites are able

Fabric and Reinforcement

Fabric & Reinforcement »

Woven fabrics and other reinforcements are used in conjunction with resins (the matrix) to produce.

Vacuum Equipment and Supplies

Vacuum Equipment and Supplies »

Vacuum bagging is an essential part of the manufacturing process for several different composites processes, ranging from vacuum bonding a veneer onto a surface through to resin infusion and pre-preg production methods.

Core Materials

Core Materials »

Anyone with more than a passing interest in advanced composites will be aware of the benefits that various core materials can bring to a composite construction, whether it be honeycomb cores extensively used in F1 car monocoques to foam cores in refrigerated vehicle body construction..

Patterns, Moulds and Tooling

Patterns, Moulds & Tooling »

The first step in many composites projects is the creation of a patterns and moulds. Patterns are shaped exactly like the finished part that you will ultimately make but are often made from easily shape-able materials such as tooling board, foam or MDF

Tools, Equipment and Supplies

Tools, Equipment & Supplies »

Getting the right end result often starts with getting the right tools and equipment for the job. At Easy Composites we carry a range of tools and equipment, handpicked for their quality, reliability and value.

Wax and Mould Release Agents

Wax and Mould Release Agents »

Release agents are the all important barrier between a mould and the part itself. Without a release agent, the part would bond permanently to the mould after lamination rendering both useless.

Starter Kits Carbon Fibre

Starter Kits »

Easy Composites is totally geared around introducing people to advanced composites and helping those already using composites to get the most out of new, alternative processes.